Friday, 15 April 2016

Cosy Oversized Black Knit | Navabi

It may be officially Spring now, but that doesn't mean we can put our jumpers away- unfortunately it's Ireland! I've built up quite the collection of jumpers this past year, but this one has been my favorite. I've featured it numerous times on my social media channels, but I've yet to dedicate a post to it. This Roll Neck Jumper* is by Isolde Roth from Navabi and I swear it's just a beautiful piece - my Mum has even nicked it once or twice. It's oversized (check), roll neck (check) and black (check) so it was no wonder I chose it. It's extremely good quality and has been chucked in the wash time and time again, and is still a good as new! It's also incredibly cosy, which is what you want from a nice oversized jumper. Definitely a big thumbs up from me! 

I paired it with my trust faux leather jacket from River Island (Similar Here)|(Plus Size Version) which is officially knackered now and is sporting holes in the lining! Now, I have had it over a year and worn it to absolute death. Not a fault in the garment, just a lot of wear and tear. Once I've sufficient funds again, I'll pick up another one! I paired the outfit with a pair of khaki jeans from Penneys, at a bargain price of €14. They're stretchy and just really comfortable and again come highly recommended. My Boots* are from Yours Clothing and are so comfy. As a general rule of thumb, size down if you don't have wide feet, as the 6 are slipping off me, but that's my fault I ordered them and wasn't bothered returning them (laziness on my part). My feet are always cold so nothing that a pair of fluffy socks can't fix! 

I brought my very much loved Louis Vuitton bag and rocked my all time favourite sunglasses from Tiger. I swear everytime I wear them someone asks where I got them! I even sent over a few pairs to my friend in OZ who loved them that much. They cost €4 and I'm pleased to announce they're back in stock this year and I fully intend to pick up at least 10 pairs so I can have them for life! I suppose I just love the way they suit my chubby face. Anyway, sorry again for the break in posts. Things are just so busy at the moment and I'm scared to even look at my inbox! Once I'm done with College for the year I'll have more time to post. 

I miss you all. 
If you miss me too I'm am constantly on one of my Instagram accounts (Bowfabulous| SlimmingSianny) and I dabble in Snapchat (Bowfabulous). 

*Indicates A Gifted Item



  1. Loving this everyday look.


  2. Loving this outfit. You look amazing! xx

    1. Thanks Louise! Still jealous of all your Easter chocolate ;) xox

  3. Wow!!! You look amazing. Love your OOTD. Great choice indeed.

  4. Love the clothes featured...but 90% of the Clothing have very high, very spiky heels. Is that realistic for the over worker?


  5. Beautiful outfit! Love the location. Very beautiful.

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