Friday, 22 April 2016

Slimming World

I know this won't be any interest to some, but I'm finally back on Slimming World. I've been putting it off forever, but last week I took the plunge and joined the most convenient group for me! After a year (and a few pounds up)I decided to bite the bullet and join a group again. I have been following it on my own, and not being as successful as I should be! This time around, I'm aiming to lose anything between 2 and 3 stone. I say anything in between as I'll know when I'm comfortable. At the moment, I'm not entirely comfortable and believe and if you're not happy- change it. Having lost 5 stone in total in 2014/2015 I'm not a newbie to Slimming World. If you want to read my journey you can do so here. I'm not one to buy into the whole "diet culture" I don't think anyone who is overweight should feel the need to lose weight to fit in with society. Like I've said time and time again as long as you're happy that's all that should matter. Faux concerns from people shouldn't bother you either. Unless they're your Doctor they don't have a right to say anything about your health. 
Slimming World is not without its downsides, but all I know that it works for me. I lost over a stone on my own, but I found it difficult to shift more and that's when I decided to give Slimming World a go! I joined to lose weight for my trip, for me It was never an aesthetic reason, more of a health as I wanted to do everything I wanted with ease and not have to worry! I'm back a year now and a bit heavier than I was at my lowest - and that's okay! It's not a race, it's a lifestyle. Now I am going to admit, I'll still be going out! I have a very active social life and I have no intentions of stopping that, I'll just be making slightly better choices - although I'm never going to be able to say no to a desert! For me at the point is to have a healthy medium between treating myself and eating healthier. I want to feel a bit better physically and I do find I'm a lot more tired (although that's probably all the time I spend staring at screens as well) I'm looking to finish what I initially started, no matter how long it takes.
So I'll be documenting my SW Journey every month here, as I find weekly posts too intrusive if you're not into weight loss etc! If you do however want to follow my daily meals I'm getting snap happy over on Instagram under (SlimmingSianny) I post daily meals, snacks and I intend to include the good and the bad! I like pretty pictures and I like my food looking pretty, so do stop by if you're looking for some inspiration. What I love about Slimming World is the fact you can eat as much food as you want really. All you need to do is limit your treats. I'll be taking up running again now the weather is nicer and the evenings are brighter. I'm going away in August, so I ideally would like to be 2 stone lighter by then, which is definitely doable as long as I put my mind to it! If you're on Slimming World, pop over to Insta and say Hello, I'd love to chat with you! 


  1. Best of luck with it Sianny. You've always been an inspiration. Exceedingly proud of your journey so far xx

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