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Friday, 15 April 2016

Cosy Oversized Black Knit | Navabi

It may be officially Spring now, but that doesn't mean we can put our jumpers away- unfortunately it's Ireland! I've built up quite the collection of jumpers this past year, but this one has been my favorite. I've featured it numerous times on my social media channels, but I've yet to dedicate a post to it. This Roll Neck Jumper* is by Isolde Roth from Navabi and I swear it's just a beautiful piece - my Mum has even nicked it once or twice. It's oversized (check), roll neck (check) and black (check) so it was no wonder I chose it. It's extremely good quality and has been chucked in the wash time and time again, and is still a good as new! It's also incredibly cosy, which is what you want from a nice oversized jumper. Definitely a big thumbs up from me! 

I paired it with my trust faux leather jacket from River Island (Similar Here)|(Plus Size Version) which is officially knackered now and is sporting holes in the lining! Now, I have had it over a year and worn it to absolute death. Not a fault in the garment, just a lot of wear and tear. Once I've sufficient funds again, I'll pick up another one! I paired the outfit with a pair of khaki jeans from Penneys, at a bargain price of €14. They're stretchy and just really comfortable and again come highly recommended. My Boots* are from Yours Clothing and are so comfy. As a general rule of thumb, size down if you don't have wide feet, as the 6 are slipping off me, but that's my fault I ordered them and wasn't bothered returning them (laziness on my part). My feet are always cold so nothing that a pair of fluffy socks can't fix! 

I brought my very much loved Louis Vuitton bag and rocked my all time favourite sunglasses from Tiger. I swear everytime I wear them someone asks where I got them! I even sent over a few pairs to my friend in OZ who loved them that much. They cost €4 and I'm pleased to announce they're back in stock this year and I fully intend to pick up at least 10 pairs so I can have them for life! I suppose I just love the way they suit my chubby face. Anyway, sorry again for the break in posts. Things are just so busy at the moment and I'm scared to even look at my inbox! Once I'm done with College for the year I'll have more time to post. 

I miss you all. 
If you miss me too I'm am constantly on one of my Instagram accounts (Bowfabulous| SlimmingSianny) and I dabble in Snapchat (Bowfabulous). 

*Indicates A Gifted Item

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Friday, 25 March 2016

What I Wore | Chilly Spring Day

With Spring officially here, I suppose I should come out of hibernation. Everything has been great over the past few months, but things have been busy and I was sick for what seemed 3 months! I've recently started College again as well as working, so I haven't had much time if I'm honest. I know I sound like a broken record dipping in and out when it, but life just gets in the way. Mandy's Heaven kindly sent me a package a little while ago, and I've been raving about them since. It's great when an online boutique caters for both straight sizes and plus sizes. The boutique is here and based in the U.K. What I love is all different women model the clothes. There's a range of ages and shapes and sizes which is a nice personal touch - exactly what a boutique is meant to be like. I opted for these gorgeous PoloNeck*. As a size 14/16, I chose the 16-20 and it's so nice and cozy.
I'm sick of consistently wearing my leather jacket, which has probably seen better days so I opted for a blanket scarf and tied it with a belt. I was as snug, as a bug in a rug. This Winter I've really embraced polo neck jumpers. With big boobs, I used to shy away, but I find for me, wearing it either with a belt, or tucked into a high waist skirt, but boobs don't take centre stage! I picked it up in Penney's earlier in the Winter and can't believe I haven't worn it that much! It was perfect over the poloneck which is too light to wear on its own. It's incredibly soft and doesn't itch the skin at all. The asymmetrical hem is a lovely touch, and gives it a very designer feel. Priced at £38 it's also really reasonable for the quality you get. 
For accessories, I kept things pretty simple. I went for a black and gold chained bag, a Fedora and a belt. I dropped the jewelery as I didn't want too much fuss, especially with my blanket scarf! The Fedora is a cool way to keep your head warm if you're not a beanie kind of babe! For footwear I chose my very much loved over the knee boots, which I picked up in Penneys in October and have worn them to absolutely death! For under €30 I think it's safe to call them the bargain of the season. The talking point however, is definitely the jumper. Like I mentioned, it's super soft and is the perfect layering piece, especially for Spring. It's not too bulky and is just perfect for under Jackets, but when it gets a little warmer, it will be lovely on it's own with leggings and pumps!

For 20% off use the code BOWS20

Jumper*: MandysHeaven
Fedora*: Boohoo
Blanket Scarf&Boots: Penneys/Primark
Bag: Fran&Jane.
Sunglasses: Tiger.
*Indicates a Giften Item

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Favourite Outfits of 2015

 My Fashion Blogging took a little bit of a back seat this year I will openly admit that, but I've still got a few favourite outfits I thought I'd share with you all! They were all posted on Instagram, so if you don't already follow me, come say Hello (@Bowfabulous)! All these outfits were taken on my old Iphone5S so they weren't really "blog quality", I've since upgraded to the iPhone6S and the photo quality is tons better, so I may start doing more random outfits!

I feel my style has evolved this year. I'm definitely more into my jeans than ever before. I live in my Topshop Jamie Jeans, but I've bought the majority of mine in Penney's. Their jeans are exceptional quality and most have a nice stretch giving you a great shape. I'm definitely still a girly girl and love dressing up, but my favourite outfits of the year have definitely been the more casual ones! I love a pair of runners, ripped jeans and a jumper combo, it's just so effortless and perfect for the weekend.
I was definitely more into my Spring/Summer fashion this year. Although that's probably from spending most of last year without a jacket as I missed the really cold weather at the start of the year. This year I kept things nice and simple when It came to my Summer clothes. Summer dresses are always an essential (I picked up both the floral one and the denim/striped one in H&M and they were both under €20) I loved the Floral Dress which I picked up in the Asos (Maternity believe it or not!) Sale for €14 or something. Yes, it's not really "Flattering" but I felt like a princess in it, and loved it.

A staple piece in my wardrobe is the Boohoo Bomber Jacket in Khaki. It's too light for this time of year, but it will be perfect in February march layered over some jumpers! I also loved oversized grey jumpers this year! One of stolen from my Mum (top centre) and one was stolen from my dad (bottom right!) Grey, aside from black is one of my favourite colours, as it's so versatile and goes with pretty much everything. It's nice to have a neutral that isn't black for a change... . I also love a good sheer shirt for a nice alternative to a "going out, out" outfit. I picked this one up in France (bottom left) for something like €30 and I absolutely love it, again like most of my clothes it's so versatile, you can wear it on a night out like I did here, or add a cami and a cardigan and wear it for work!
As much as I love Summer fashion, I do get sick of it and always welcome the change. I picked up a gorgeous Grey and Black coat in Penney's with a faux fur collar late in the Autumn and I swear I get so many compliments everytime I wear it. For €40 is was the bargain of the season. The faux fur collar is detachable so you it can suit a number of occasions. Navabi was a big hit this year for me. I love this floral shirt  it's taken me through so many different occasions, and I love the long dip at the back. Another favourite this year was also the Grey Coatigan (which is you're a plus size gal is on sale right now! You can size up or down as it's got a nice leather belt to cinch you in)

Apart from my Chelsea Boots my go to boots with my much loved Over the Knee boots again from Penney's. I sized up to a size 7 and they fit like a glove, I just wish I had picked up another pair as they were only €28! You really can't go wrong with Over the Knee boots during the Winter time, especially on really cold and really wet days. It wouldn't be Winter without some Faux Fur, I love the red headband I picked up when I was in Paris. It complimented my favourite red jumper as well as brightening up an all black outfit! My Lavish Alice Cape Blazer was a good buy and was handy throughout the Winter. It goes with dresses and jeans and if you're looking for a staple piece for your wardrobe I'd add this to it!

So that's my favourite picks from 2015! I hope my style evolves more in 2016!
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Monday, 21 December 2015

What I Wore | Fur Gilet

During the Winter months, I can't help but fall back in love with all my faux fur. Faux Fur can transform an ordinary outfit. I was sent this Gilet last year by Missguided and I've worn it so much. I'm wearing the size 16 (I'm a size 14) and it still works! I like to layer it too if it's particularly cold over my much loved River Island jacket. I chose black as it's definitely the most versatile. It's also suprisngly warm on it's own too.
My dress was from SheIn in the Summer, so it's sold out unfortunately! It's just a simply smock dress that I cinched in with a chain belt from Penneys. It's really comfortable, I do love loose boho inspired dresses and I felt thr fut gilet really complemented the look I was going for. SheIn is actually a pretty decent site - yes you wait forever for your items but if you're in no rush go for it! The quality is always fantastic and there's reviews and customer pictures too so you know what you're getting!
To complete the look I added my very much loved over the knee boots that my mum bought me last year before my gallbladder operation(This exact day today!) They're from River Island and are in stock again this year. They're so comfy - I could honestly walk for miles in them! I added a floppy hat and oversized sunglasses to get the outfit a 70's feel.

Gilet*: Missguided (Similar here)
Boot: River Island
Belt: Penneys
Sunglasses: Ebay
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Monday, 2 November 2015

Oh Hello Winter!

I love Christmas and with Halloween safely over it's time to start the countdown! This is a very Christmas inspired outfit, but I love it. I went for a spot of late lunch yesterday in Dalkey, and wanted to wrap up warm and this Jumper was the perfect item to wear. It's nice and cosy, but not too heavy!
I absolutely adore the colour, and it's so comfy. It kept me nice and warm on what was only to be described as Summer in Winter! For reference, I ordered an XL as sizing is small and I found I'd heaps of room, which makes it even cosier! Not content enough with the jumper I added a faux fur head band. I'm a huge fan of faux fur in Winter and I can't tell you how much of it I own. This red is a nice addition and will be gorgeous with all black! I added a slick of red lippy (Kate Moss for Rimmel #107) if you're wondering!
I kept things casual with a pair of black leggings, and over the knee boots. I picked these up for under €30 in Penney's the other week. They're marked as "wide fit" but being honest I had to size up as I found they were a little bit tight! They're very comfortable though and I know they'll be a Winter staple. I added a long necklace that I've had for probably 6 years now at this stage! The Tote bag is from Littlewoods and it's absolutely perfect for everyday life and work! I like bags I can fit everything in, and this bag is very handy!

Jumper*: Shein
Boots: Penneys
Necklace: Fran&Jane
Tote Bag*: Littlewoods

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

What I Wore | Black & Grey

So Autumn is in full swing and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled. I love the colder weather and wrapping up warm! This is the last piece from SheIn and I'm still impressed! I will admit I didn't hold high expectation and like I mentioned in my previous posts that the only reason I tested them out was to test the quality! I chose this jacket and it's surprisingly warm! At a 14, I chose the XL and It just about fits, so the sizes are teeny. On that note, however, they have just introduced Plus Sizes which is pretty cool! It doesn't close on me, but this is the type of jacket that you'd leave open anyway so it suits me down to the ground! 
I wore this with a tunic long sleeve top, leggings and a pair of ridiculously comfortable over the knee boots, which I picked up before Christmas last year. They're stretchy so if you have a wider calf then they'll still stretch to accommodate! I love an all black outfit with a touch of grey. It's really easy to wear and somewhat effortless. To jazz up the outfit, I added a very statement necklace that I picked up in Paris a few years ago.  This has been my go-to outfit over the past few weeks and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon!

Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Sheinside (Similar)
Top: Penneys
Boots: River Island
Necklace: Paris 
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Friday, 2 October 2015

What I Wore | Aztec Cardigan

Like I mentioned in one of my last posts, I decided to test Sheinside out for quality and fit - being bigger than most of the bloggers that try out their clothing. As a size 14 I chose carefully and I was happy with my first dress - and I have two more items to review for you all. I went for a cardigan as I wear them all throughout the Winter and I felt that this one would be perfect paired with black - my staple colour throughout the Winter!
The quality is surprisingly good! The material isn't itchy and although not the warmest of cardigans it's going to be a great layering piece - I went for the biggest size (L) and it fits well. The arms aren't tight and I've loads of room to move. This type of Cardigan is meant to be worn open and it just sits nicely (In my opinion anyway....!) I absolutely adore the print - especially the Burgundy as I have heaps of burgundy accessories so I can accessorise this cardigan very easily!

I wore this with a tunic dress from H&M, which I bought two+ years ago. You really can never have enough "staple" pieces in your wardrobe - you'll never have "nothing" to wear ever again. I paired it with my Over the Knee boots from River Island that I got before Christmas last year and they're so comfortable. They're a size too big (they sold out so fast) but I just wear thick fluffy socks with them!To completely the look I added a burgundy necklace and a burgundy floppy hat!
Outfit Deets:
Cardigan *(Sold Out) but Similar HERE
Boots: River Island
Hat: Penneys 
Necklace: Penneys 
Sunglasses: Tiger 
*Indicates a Gifted Item
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What I Wore | Cocoa Brown Passion,Persistence, Pink Party!

When I was invited along to the Passion,Persistence,Pink Event in the Shelbourne I knew I'd have to make somewhat of an effort. The event was to reveal the brand new Cocoa Brown Products and we were all excited! As you saw with the post yesterday you know my thoughts on them! I've always been such a support of both Marissa Carter and Cocoa Brown so it was an honor to attend and to listen to Marissa. She's an incredibly talented and inspiring women and she inspires me beyond belief. 
I didn't really know what to wear, all I did know that I wanted to wear something pink and girly. I fancied something new and was browsing the sale section on Asos and this dress stood out to me. It was under €20 but it was in the Maternity section. I did a "Yolo" and ordered it. Worse case scenario I could always return it. When it arrived It was very poofy and it wouldn't be what I'd call "flattering", but I loved the dress and I felt girly in it, so I wore it and felt great. I did add a belt to draw attention to my waist and give me a bit more of a silhouette. I posted some photo's on my Facebook Page if you want to see it from other angles!
The Lavish Alice Cape is actually a size 10! At the time they only had a size 14 or a size 10 and I found the 14 too big on my shoulders so I decided to try on the 10 and although it's not my size it fits really well, so I scooped it up and hot footed it to the till. This whole outfit isn't specifically for my size and it somehow worked! It just goes to show that no matter what try everything on and make sure a garment fits the way you want it to and ignore the label! My one rule of advice is to try everything one and you'll be more often than not pleasantly surprised!

Outfit Deets:
Dress: Asos
Cape: Lavish Alice
Pumps: Penney's
Sunglasses: Tiger
Bag: Bangkok
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Monday, 28 September 2015

What I Wore | Casual Saturday

 So on Saturday I went to Oktoberfest! I wanted to wear something semi-dressy so I went with a Tunic and some jeans. I'm a no fuss- no muss kinda gal (most of the time) so I'm definitely most comfortable in this time of outfit! I knew we'd be going out for a few drinks after so I wanted to get the right mix between dressy and casual!

I picked up these jeans in Penney's last week for €15. I picked them up in a size 14 and they're so stretchy! If you're in-between sizes definitely size down! They're between a jean and a trouser and they're incredibly soft and comfortable! The tunic is also from Penney's and it's very versatile and the belt cinches you in at the waist emphasising my hourglass shape. I also threw on my much loved River Island jacket. I pick it up this time last year and I wore it to absolute death this year and last! I brought along my Louis Vuitton "Neverfull" to cart all my shite around. It is big, but it's perfect for days out when you need to bring a few bits around with you. To complete my outfit I wore my signature statement necklace and big sunnies!

Top: Penney's
Jeans: Penney's
Shoes: Penney's
Jacket: River Island
Necklace: Fran&Jane
Sunglasses: Tiger

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Yours Clothing | Autumnal Look

Yours Clothing was the first clothing company I ever worked with back over 3 years ago, so they'll always have a special place in my heart! I think they're one of the best plus size retailers out there for a number of reasons. They're constantly updating their stock, they stock on trend pieces and their price points are really reasonable. I'm such a huge fan so when they asked me to pick out a "High Fashion" outfit I had a little think...
If you know me you know my style is very eclectic. It's one thing one day, and then something else the next. so I had a good think and decided to stick to what I love. As much as I love dressing up in heels etc, I'm definitely a jeans girl. As a self-confessed city girl, I'm always in jeans. Jeans are such a staple in any girls wardrobe! These skinnies are so comfy. They've the right amount of stretch to them and give your bum a great shape! I'm wearing my usual size (size 14) and still have room so if you're in between sizes and like your jeans nice and tight size down!

I'm obsessed (like most of the world) with check shirts and this long oversized one is just perfect. It's not too heavy, nor too light. It's a great Autumnal piece and will see you right through this winter. For a Winter look I'd pair it with a black jumper and a leather jacket! I also picked up these boots and they're just perfect. I love the gold detail and the pointed toe. These will definitely be my go to boots this Winter! To complete the look I wanted to keep it casual as well as giving a nod to the fringe trend so I paired it with these gorgeous tan bag. And of course no outfit is complete without a pair of sunnies and these ones are my go to now! They're such a nice quirky shape!
*Indicates a Gifted Item

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

What I Wore | H&M Floral Summer Dress

I'm back from my Holidays and now I'm going to start blogging my photo's and blogging regularly again! I had a nice break and now I'm back with a bang. I've exciting things coming up for the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

I didn't wear any makeup away (Bar some Mascara and some lippy at night) so it was nice to give my skin a nice break. I got a nice golden glow that will probably fade within a week, but oh well! My wardrobe was as minimal as my makeup and I get things nice and light. I picked up this H&M dress for €14.99 a few weeks ago and it's just perfect. It's light and airy and perfect for the French sun. I like it as it can still be a transitional piece and I can rock it with ankle boots and a moto jacket for the next few weeks anyway! I wore it with tTula Necklace* from Pollygrace Clothing which is a bit of a bargain at £6!

Dress; H&M
Necklace: PollyGrace
Sunglasses: Tiger

*Indicates a Gifted Item
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

What I Wore | Denim and Striped Dress

When I saw this dress I immediately knew it would  be perfect for my holiday. It's so typically French that I had to pick it up. It was €19.99 in H&M and is so comfortable. I picked it up in a size 16 and it's a lovely fit. Not too loose, not too tight. 

I love the striped and faux denim detail. It's so chic and it was perfect for roaming around French villages searching for Almond Croissants! It was nice a light too, which was a good thing as some of the days it reached 35 Degrees - not that I'm complaining mind. 

I kept it really simple with my favourite Sandals from Penneys. They cost €11 and are so comfortable and very flattering on the foot considering the ankle strap - not that I pay too much attention to what is considered "Flattering" To complete my look I added a nice red lip!

Dress: H&M
Sunglasses: Tiger
Sandals: Penney's/Primark

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Sunday, 30 August 2015


It's no secret I'm allergic to exercise... or well I was.  My weight loss journey began as a fitness one. Weight loss and fitness tend to go hand in hand, for me anyway. I didn't want to eat food that would make me feel sluggish and lethargic when I was going out on my walks at the very beginning as being honest I didn't even want to go in the first place. Eventually the walks graduated to jogs and the jogs graduated to runs. 

Don't get me wrong I'm still not sure on how much of it I actually enjoy, but for me running gives me a chance to unplug or listen to music and just run. If I'm angry/upset/stressed I use that as ammunition to smash a workout. Being stressed for me raises my anxiety and for me running is the best thing to do to eliminate it. I might not get very far or I might not be fast, but I'm out there and It really does help make me feel better - even if it just gears me up for a good night sleep!
When it comes to workout clothes I like to look nice and feel as comfortable as possible. When it comes to trainers/runners I do like to pay the extra as you need good foot support, but when it comes to workout clothes I'm always on the look out for cheaper alternatives to the main sports brands. Boohoo are one of my favourite retailers for fast fashion and I'm constantly looking at their Fit Range for new workout gear to keep me inspired (read : less lazy) 

I'm a huge fan of Slogan Tee's and Boohoo Fit have heaps of them in cool quirky cuts and colours! I had the chance to test some of them out recently and I've been a little bit obsessed and have worn these on a non-workout basis -  Especially with the Beyonce one! The best part? They're all cheap as chips! I have a few pairs of leggings but loads of tops that I can interchange as let's be real gals when you do a good workout you SWEAT!
I was sent a few T-shirts (in sizes 16) and two pairs of leggings both in a size 14. The leggings could have done with being a little bit more stretchy, but I love things with heaps and heaps of stretch. It's just down to the fabric, but overall they're comfortable and easy to wear and don't fall down as much as I initially thought after I tested them out! They have funky designs and patterns on them, so they're a bit different from your bog standard leggings!

My favourite out of the two are these Printed Side Panel Leggings. I love that they're mainly black as that gives me more variety in what tops I can pair it with. For me when I'm exercising I want to look the best I can. When I look good in something, I feel good and these Boohoo Fit pieces made me feel awesome! My only disappointment is that a lot of the sizing stops at a size 14, I'd love to see some plus size options in there as just because you're over a size 16, doesn't mean you're not into exercising!
Overall I'm really impressed with Boohoo Fit and will definitely be picking up a few more bits! 


Post in collaboration with Boohoo, as always all views are my own!
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