Monday, 11 January 2016

Favourite Outfits of 2015

 My Fashion Blogging took a little bit of a back seat this year I will openly admit that, but I've still got a few favourite outfits I thought I'd share with you all! They were all posted on Instagram, so if you don't already follow me, come say Hello (@Bowfabulous)! All these outfits were taken on my old Iphone5S so they weren't really "blog quality", I've since upgraded to the iPhone6S and the photo quality is tons better, so I may start doing more random outfits!

I feel my style has evolved this year. I'm definitely more into my jeans than ever before. I live in my Topshop Jamie Jeans, but I've bought the majority of mine in Penney's. Their jeans are exceptional quality and most have a nice stretch giving you a great shape. I'm definitely still a girly girl and love dressing up, but my favourite outfits of the year have definitely been the more casual ones! I love a pair of runners, ripped jeans and a jumper combo, it's just so effortless and perfect for the weekend.
I was definitely more into my Spring/Summer fashion this year. Although that's probably from spending most of last year without a jacket as I missed the really cold weather at the start of the year. This year I kept things nice and simple when It came to my Summer clothes. Summer dresses are always an essential (I picked up both the floral one and the denim/striped one in H&M and they were both under €20) I loved the Floral Dress which I picked up in the Asos (Maternity believe it or not!) Sale for €14 or something. Yes, it's not really "Flattering" but I felt like a princess in it, and loved it.

A staple piece in my wardrobe is the Boohoo Bomber Jacket in Khaki. It's too light for this time of year, but it will be perfect in February march layered over some jumpers! I also loved oversized grey jumpers this year! One of stolen from my Mum (top centre) and one was stolen from my dad (bottom right!) Grey, aside from black is one of my favourite colours, as it's so versatile and goes with pretty much everything. It's nice to have a neutral that isn't black for a change... . I also love a good sheer shirt for a nice alternative to a "going out, out" outfit. I picked this one up in France (bottom left) for something like €30 and I absolutely love it, again like most of my clothes it's so versatile, you can wear it on a night out like I did here, or add a cami and a cardigan and wear it for work!
As much as I love Summer fashion, I do get sick of it and always welcome the change. I picked up a gorgeous Grey and Black coat in Penney's with a faux fur collar late in the Autumn and I swear I get so many compliments everytime I wear it. For €40 is was the bargain of the season. The faux fur collar is detachable so you it can suit a number of occasions. Navabi was a big hit this year for me. I love this floral shirt  it's taken me through so many different occasions, and I love the long dip at the back. Another favourite this year was also the Grey Coatigan (which is you're a plus size gal is on sale right now! You can size up or down as it's got a nice leather belt to cinch you in)

Apart from my Chelsea Boots my go to boots with my much loved Over the Knee boots again from Penney's. I sized up to a size 7 and they fit like a glove, I just wish I had picked up another pair as they were only €28! You really can't go wrong with Over the Knee boots during the Winter time, especially on really cold and really wet days. It wouldn't be Winter without some Faux Fur, I love the red headband I picked up when I was in Paris. It complimented my favourite red jumper as well as brightening up an all black outfit! My Lavish Alice Cape Blazer was a good buy and was handy throughout the Winter. It goes with dresses and jeans and if you're looking for a staple piece for your wardrobe I'd add this to it!

So that's my favourite picks from 2015! I hope my style evolves more in 2016!
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wardrobe Staple: Chelsea Boots

I'm going to start taking you through my wardrobe, and start showing you my most loved items. Items I deem to be wardrobe Staples! (For me anyway!) With Winter at us in full force, a pair of good Winter boots are definitely a staple. I have over the knee ones, ankle ones, heeled ones, flat name it I probably have them but my all time favorite are these Leather Chelsea Boots* from Korky's
They're real leather which is nice and are so comfortable. I've always been told to invest in a good pair of shoes and I'm told all the time how my "shite" shoes will end up ruining my feet. So it's safe to say I'm delighted with this gorgeous pair. I chose this pair as they're so versatile and can be dressed up or down. They can be worn with jeans or a cute floral dress.  I sized up to a size 7 as I wanted to wear thick socks as my feet are a continuously frozen. If you have wider feet and you're looking for ankle boots I'd suggest Yours Clothing, as these ones don't have much room in them if I'm honest!
In terms of comfort, I'd rate them a 9/10. The elastic panels make putting them on mad easy as well as the pull tabs on the back, so your foot goes in without too much pulling! If you're like me and are in between wide and "normal" width, I'd recommend sizing up too especially if again you're like me and like to wear fluffy socks! At €74.99, they're not exactly the cheapest ankle boots out there, but since they're real leather they're definitely a good investment. I found the sole a little hard (I find these on a lot of boots) so I added an insole and I haven't taken these off my feets all December and will continue to wear them right up until Spring...when it does eventually come!
These are my first pair of "proper" shoes from Korky's i.e not heels or not wedges and I'm very impressed. Korky's wasn't somewhere I'd initially of gone to look for a new pair of shoes, but I'll definitely start looking now. A pair of boots like these would retail for over €100 in the likes of Topshop or River Island. The quality is exceptional too. I've been wearing these boots all day, pretty much everyday and they only get more comfortable and bar a few scrathes (that can probably be polished over?!) they're still in pretty good nick! They're hands down my favourite pair of boots I've ever owned and I constantly get compliments too - which is always a bonus! 
Unfortunately there's only size 6's left on their website, but they have a full range of sizes in stores. As well as these boots Korky's have an array of other ankle boots, so if these Chelsea Boots aren't your thaaang, you'll definitely find a pair that suits you!
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Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Ebay Edit

With January in full force and everyone broke, I thought I'd do a post on my favourite Ebay bargains to show you don't need to spend a fortune or trail through the mountaineous sale crap to get your shopping fix! I've been using Ebay for years and years and have always managed to find a good bargain. Pretty much all my sunglasses are from Ebay, as I love huge comical ones that cover half by face and make me out to be a sassy biatch.
 Bunny Iphone 6 CaseNecklace , Designer Inspired Bag,
Collar , Quay Cha Cha ShadesBlanket Scarf
  Bobble Hat,  Laceup FlatsStacked Rings

First things I look for when updating my wardrobe on a low budget is accessories. It's amazing how a new scarf or a statement neckpiece can transform your "go to" outfit. If your handbag has seen better days it's always nice to get a new one, I always feel more organised when my bag is nice and clean and isn't dumping ground for every hair bobble, lipstick and perfume bottle I own! As it's coming into Spring (Kinda...) it's always good to stock up on cheaper sunglasses. I love my Raybans, don't get me wrong but with cheap pairs you're don't frantic with worry if you sit on them or if you accidentally leave them on the Luas... . These Quay Cha Cha ones aren't exactly cheap, but here's a cheaper option!

2 in 1 Sweater (up to a size 20), Grey Swing Jumper (up to a size 16), Grey Skater Dress (up to a 5XL),
 Oversized Black Sweater (up to size 22), Oversized Knit Jumper (up to size 20),  Oversized Shirt (up to size 24),
High Neck Swing Dress (up to size XL), Grey Marl Polo Neck Dress (up to size 18), Boho Cardigan (up to size XL/18)

Clothes are a bit more tricky to buy off Ebay if I'm honest. Anything limited edition is hiked up to extortionate prices (Balmain for H&M is one example) but if you're looking for fast fashion you can pick up some good bargains! I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was some options for plus size girls.There is heaps more in an array of sizes for bargain prices all over Ebay, so Happy browsing! However being honest I do tend to size up 2 if it's from China as a precautionary measure. Swing dresses are a basic at the moment, they're easy to throw on for work and is the perfect layering piece. What I love buying on Ebay is oversized jumpers they're perfect for lazing around the house of going to the gym/walking/running!

Floral Pilow CaseMirror TrayWhite Wedding Candle Holder,
I Love You Wall HangerBed SpreadInitial Mug
Fake FlowersKey HookHeart Fairy Lights

While Ebay isn't somewhere I'd think to look for home decor, they have some really cute bits. With all the Christmas decorations down by this stage, it's the perfect time to give your house a bit of a Spring Clean, before Spring is upon us! I'm a huge fan of flowers, but I'm just about capable of taking care of myself so flowers tend to be lost on me. Fake flowers are something I used to always think was a bit naff but you can get some really realistic looking ones now! A mirror tray is always something I've wanted for my dressing table to hoard some more of my crap in a pretty way! There is also so many pretty fairy lights on Ebay too, perfect to make your bedroom into a fairy land!

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